Saturday, February 5, 2011

Barbie Dolls vs Victoria's Secret Angels

Barbie dolls are supposed to be little girls bestfriend until Diamonds will be theirs when they grow old. But what if, one day Barbie dolls are revolutionizing its mantra as the year adapts new style and fashion? What if Barbie Dolls become a not-so-child-friendly playmate? What if they become provocative and girls would like to say, "hey mommy, i wanna wear what barbie is wearing." It is okey if Barbie doll is wearing cute, colorful and child-friendly clothes. And you can endearingly say to your daughters, "sure!" But what if Barbie dolls nowadays wear something like these..
 Burlesque dolls?
inspired by this?
Playboy Dolls?
versus the Angels.
Dolls in Lingerie
sexier than nude

Probably, Barbie Dolls are very liberated nowadays because the makers wont settle on the norm. There are collectors of dolls that like to have varieties that constitute to their ideal collectors items. They have special needs and demands that is why Barbie needs to adopt its new style of hit fashion. For what is the hip, they should be in.

Barbie still have this classic look that will always put a mark on everyone's imagination, Effortless Beauty.

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